We Specialize in Company Growth, Compliance-Related, Technology-Related, or Business-Related Disputes and/or Transactional Needs!



The Tullo Law Firm assists clients in structuring their businesses to comply with Federal and state regulations, as well as internal best-practices and risk management policies.  The firm’s services include both private sector FTC, SEC, FDIC and lending law compliance, as well as Government sector DOC and DOD contract compliance.


The Tullo Law Firm supports all legal aspects of business in the Technology Sector including those surrounding app development, SaaS, licensing, intellectual property,  e-commerce, data privacy, energy conservation technology, capital growth and issues common to collaborative innovation.


The Tullo Law Firm provides counsel and legal services in corporate governance, infrastructure protection, management, financing, and growth. 


A former general counsel, Ms. Tullo-Searle brings a dual perspective to her practice, defending businesses against EEOC claims, civil actions, and advising businesses on myriad issues when employees are state-side and abroad.


The Tullo Law Firm supports Primes and Subcontractors in the Government Sector, assisting in the navigation of the unique issues that surround participation in this industry.  Our firm assists clients in making sense of Federal Agency compliance requirements, as well as those that accompany the practice of having employees state-side and elsewhere.

Real Estate

The Tullo Law Firm has built a significant commercial and residential real estate practice. We handle commercial and residential real estate sales, leases and related issues.  The firm’s title group has represented parties (either in the capacity of Counsel, Title Agent or Closing Agent) in over $625 million in real estate sales.


The Tullo Law Firm’s litigation practice extends from Federal to State Court on a wide breadth of claims and with significant depth of skill and tenacity.

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